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DevSnack #39: Motivation, inspiration, productivity, concentration… all those are common words we are used to hear everyday. But, what we really know about those concepts? Let’s take a quick tour to understand them better and discover some tricks and tips. I’ve personally found much of this stuff really helpful in different stages of my own career, and I hope you find the tools that work best for you!

 #1 – Feed Your Fire

A non-technical talk with the goal of giving you a new idea, some battle-won advice, and leaving you excited and energized. I hope you enjoy!

#2 – Inspiration vs. Motivation

It may seem like a subtle distinction, but the worlds of motivation and inspiration are millions of miles apart.

A lot of people use the words “motivated” and “inspired” interchangeably. But I’ve found something different to be the case.

#3 – Help Others Develop Self-Pride

At some point, we need to make the transition from looking for external praise to the ability to praise ourselves and to develop self-pride. If we have never made the transition, we are stuck. If we have made that transition, we need to help others make it too, and here’s why.

#4 – Start A Productive Day

Make your intentions clear to yourself and the universe is by asking yourself the same ten questions every morning and reviewing how the intentions worked out before you go to sleep at night.

#5 – Skyrocket Your Concentration For Success At Work

There seemed to be all the time in the day to get things done, and all the entertainment in the world to make sure that they weren’t done immediately.

Sensory distractions – such as if your Facebook tab is flashing while you are trying to write a report,  and emotional distractions – such as anxiety, fear, worry or anger – are the biggest obstacles that prevent you from concentrating.

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