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DevSnack #3:

  • Facebook is getting rid of JSON in their Android app.
  • Do you want to promote your Android apps? Google can help you!
  • Learn about this and other Android news on this week’s DevSnack.

#1 – Android Experiments

Google has released a project called Android Experiments, a showcase with some of the most creative apps for Android devices.
All projects are built using different platforms like the Android SDK and NDK, Android Wear, the IOIO board, Cinder, Processing, OpenFrameworks and Unity.
Developers also have the possibility to submit their own work and be promoted on the webpage.

#2 – Data Binding Library

One of the most exciting features announced during the Google I/O event, was the Data Binding Library.
With this tool you can write declarative layouts and minimize the glue code needed to bind the application’s logic and the layouts.
@stablekernel explains how to start rocking this library.

#3 – FlatBuffers

FlatBuffers is a cross-platform serialization library from Google, created specifically for game development, which can replace the JSON format. Facebook have transitioned most of their Android code to use FlatBuffers as the storage format.
@froger_mcs explains why FlatBuffers is so effective.

#4 – Google’s Eddystone: BLE Beacon on Android

In this post, @hitherejoe explains what we can do with Google’s recently announced BLE Beacon format and how to use this new API to manage beacons.

#5 – Face Detection on Android
Google has improved Face Detection on Android devices and made it super easy to use and way faster than before. @lmoroney shows how the release of Google Play services 7.8 made the Mobile Vision APIs better and faster.



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