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DevSnack #57: JavaScript is everywhere, it has conquered the web and have also started to break into the desktop world. Gone are the days where being a JavaScript developer meant that you could only work on the front end of a web application. With Node.js those days are behind us and a new era of JavaScript development is just beginning.

In this post, we’ll review some best practices for JavaScript and some of its more popular frameworks.

#1 – 5 Principles that will make you a SOLID JavaScript Developer

In JavaScript we are not used to apply the SOLID principles as much as in other languages that are more traditionally used in the back end of our applications. In this post Dor Tzur (@dortzur) show us how to become a SOLID JavaScript developer.

#2 – Checklist: Best Practices of Node.JS Error Handling

Here Yoni Goldberg (@goldbergyoni) shares with us a checklist that encapsulates every aspect regarding error handling that we should have in mind when writing code with Node.JS.

#3 – React.js Best Practices for 2016

React has experienced a massive growth in popularity for the last couple of years. Péter Márton (@slashdotpeter) recaps the lessons learnt from past experiences and leave us with a set of best practices to look forward when developing applications with React.

#4 – Promise Patterns & Anti-Patterns

In this post Dave Atchley (@tuxz0r) walk us through some Best Practices, Patterns and Anti-Patterns to be aware of when handling asynchronous request on ES6.

#5 – Untangling Spaghetti Code: How to Write Maintainable JavaScript

How many times we have come across some old legacy code which we just want to throw away and start from scratch? In this article Moritz Kröger (@morkro) will show us some steps to tackle legacy code and keep a maintainable code.

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