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Pamela Nogues

Pamela Nogués is Moove It's Employer Branding Specialist. Pamela has a Master's in Marketing and 6+ years of experience positioning brands with a focus on international tech companies where the demand for talent is extremely competitive.

Many dream of starting a career in technology. But turning this dream into reality is often a significant challenge, particularly for those who have already started their working lives in another speciality. That’s why here at Moove It, we put together the dedicated bootcamp, “MooveCamp”, which brought together a dedicated syllabus and personalized training. This year it focused on helping women make this transition.

Today, women are still underrepresented in the technology industry. Recent statistics show that just 27.8% of technology positions are held by women.

We designed MooveCamp to be an intensive training focusing on some of the most used technologies by companies around the world – HTML, Javascript, CSS and React. Throughout the process, the participants were mentored and guided by our experts, who supported them in the creation of a complete application as their final project.

“An extremely enriching experience”

So how was the experience for the women who took part? Well, we sat down with participants, Andrea Oliver, Florencia Funes, Sandra Calero and Ángeles Rondó, to get their opinions.


Andrea Oliver: “An extremely enriching experience”

“The whole process was an extremely enriching experience, professionally and personally. It’s wonderful that there are companies like Moove It that open their doors, educationally and professionally, to provide these types of very valuable opportunities in order to reduce the gender gap in the industry. At the same time, they encourage and value the attitude, commitment, perseverance and effort – what was once a dream can become your reality.”

Florencia Funes: “MooveCamp was the right opportunity to motivate myself”

“I was interested in making a professional change for a long time and MooveCamp was the right opportunity to motivate myself and finally make the leap. Thanks to the course I was able to train myself in new technologies and become part of a company with great values, and that allows me to continue training and growing. The MooveCamp initiative, so that women with no previous experience in technology can approach the field and get training, is something that I valued very much. It makes a real difference”.

Sandra Calero: “It fills me with pride to be part of Moove It”

“MooveCamp gave many women the opportunity to learn technologies necessary to enter the industry and also create a small community. It was wonderful to have teachers who were eager to teach and colleagues who were willing to help each other at all times. It was an initiative that gave us the opportunity to be part of a company willing to be part of creating change, that takes action and takes on the task of implementing initiatives that contribute to society and reducing the gender gap. Moove It cares about its people, and it fills me with pride to be part of it, and feel identified with its way of seeing and changing the world.”

Ángeles Rondó: “An atmosphere where you could ask questions and together we would help find the answer”

“I was looking for an opportunity where I could show and develop my talent and knowledge – MooveCamp was the perfect setting for it. That a company believes in you and also helps you grow is phenomenal. On the other hand, the idea that we were all women and learned from each other was very nice and you could see that atmosphere where you could ask questions and together we would help find the answer. It’s with initiatives like this that change will be generated and, in the future, there will be more women in this industry. So, if you are just starting out, keep going because with a lot of dedication, you will achieve your dreams.”

Check out the video to learn more about their experiences!

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