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DevSnack #36: Are you afraid of releases? Too many things can go wrong? Too many features involved when releasing? Lack of coordination between departments? Continuous delivery aims to remove these fears. It’s a software engineering approach that will help you produce software in shorter cycles ensuring that it can be released at any point in time with high quality standards.

# 1 – What is, and why continuous delivery?

As @jezhumble explains in his books Continuous Delivery and Lean Enterprise, it is often assumed that if we want to deploy software more frequently, we must accept lower levels of stability and reliability in our systems. However, applying continuous delivery practices will invalidate this assumption.

# 2 – Benefits and challenges

Great article on the main benefits and challenges of applying continuous delivery.

# 3 – How to apply it?

Martin Fowler (@martinfowler) explains that you achieve continuous delivery by continuously integrating your software, building executables, running automated tests and pushing those executables to production-like environments.

# 4 – What’s a continuous delivery pipeline?

The pipeline breaks down the software delivery process into stages. Each stage is aimed at verifying the quality of new features from a different angle to validate the new functionality and prevent errors from affecting your users.

# 5 – Building the pipeline with jenkins

Andrew Phillips and Kohsuke Kawaguchi on how to implement a delivery pipeline using Jenkins.

Let’s do it!!!

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