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Carin Carlin

Carin Carlin is Moove It's Communications Specialist. A graduate of Texas State University with a degree in Media Communication and Public Relations, she joined Moove It's marketing team in early 2021. Carin specializes in social media content creation, copywriting, and more.

Women’s History Month is a time for us to acknowledge and remember all the hardships women have gone through past and present to get us to where we are today. Even then, women are still underrepresented in many different industries, such as science, technology, and engineering. Although a lot of change has happened, and there have been initiatives over the years to attract young girls and women into these fields, there is still a long way to go. 

Tech in particular remains a male-dominated field. According to the organization Anita B, in 2021, women made up 26.7% of the tech workforce. While this statistic is low, it is particularly concerning that in 2020, women made up 28.8% of the workforce, showing that the representation of women in tech actually decreased 2.1% in the past year. Within this proportion, minority women then make up a smaller percentage with Asian women representing 9.3%, Black women representing 1.7%, and Latina women representing 1.5%.

While women make up less than half of the tech industry, they are disproportionately hired into intern and entry level positions more than any other experience level. In some of the most recent data, women make up 39% of intern level positions and 32.8% of entry level positions. But with positions that require more experience, skill, and leadership, this is where we see the biggest drop in numbers. We see women only make up 22.4% of executive positions and when it comes to CEO positions, women only make up 10.9%. However, despite these statistics, women happen to get promoted more often than men at 16.9% compared to 15.7% for men. 

With such disproportionate numbers, we wanted to do our part to not only close the gender gap, but help make the technology industry somewhere women can thrive equally alongside men. For this reason we created MooveCamp, a technology bootcamp designed for women who want to start a new career in technology. MooveCamp provides the tools, technologies, and skills to make the change really happen.

If you are interested in making the career change you’ve always dreamed of, check out our MooveCamp page for more information and to apply. We will be taking applications until March 31st.

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