Dart – A new language for structured web programming

Andreas Fast
November 2, 2011 | < 1 min read
On October 10th Lars Bak & Gilad Bracha presented a technology preview on Dart. Lars Bak & Gilad Bracha are Google employees leading the development of Dart. Dart is open source, so anyone can use and change it. It’s still in the early stages but the design goals are very clear. It aims to be a structured yet flexible programming language for the web. To feel familiar and be easy to learn, focus on high performance and fast startup. To be appropriate for all devices from phones and tablets to notebooks and servers. There is also a lot of work being done on tools for Dart to run fast on all major modern browsers. It runs on a Virtual Machine on the server and there is a tool to compile the code to javascript to run it on a browser. It also provides a DOM api.
The following presentation shows the basics of the language including some examples. In addition, here are some photos of the presentation at moove-iT!


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