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DevSnack #54: As software developers we are constantly training our brains and learning new things on a daily basis. We face challenges all the time and in order to solve them we use our creativity, our mind. But what happens to our bodies?
I personally believe that we should cultivate both mind and body as a whole, and truly think that Yoga can help us in reaching that goal. Therefore, as we take care of our bodies we’ll be taking care of our brains:

#1 – Powerful Reasons Coders Need Yoga

Ciara Byrne (@deciara) – “While the mind lies all the time, the body never lies. When you are upset or angry, even if you are trying to ignore it, your body tenses up, your breathing gets faster. So if you really want to know how you feel about something, check in with the body”

#2 – Yoga Poses Every Programmer Should Try

Daragh Byrne (@daraghjbyrne) – “Programmers need to actively work to protect and strengthen their body due to the sedentary nature of their work. Healthy minds exist in healthy bodies. Modern yoga is a blend of ancient Eastern practice and philosophy with more recent techniques from Western gymnastics training. It can be a great tool for programmers, or anyone who spends a long time seated.”

#3 – How Yoga Nurtures Your Programming Skills

 “At first glance, yoga and technology seem like uneasy fellows. Yoga’s spiritual image appears at odd with the highly scientific mindset of the software developer. But looking in deep and analyzing cause and effect of rigid work routines, yoga is a powerful way of re-centering oneself and putting oneself back in the body.”

#4 – Practicing Yoga Helps Coders to be More Successful

Advize Health (@advizehealth) – “After working all-day and coding for hours, it’s vital to relieve your stress and yoga is the best option for this. Yoga relaxes your body and helps to relieve stress while still providing a workout as well as an emotional health boost to recharge after a long day.”

#5 – Why Yoga?

“The nice thing about yoga is that, like the best RPGs, it has as much or as little content as you want. You can explore the rich mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, using the moving meditation to develop your mind and spirit and transform your life in ways you’ve never imagined. Or, press B and skip all that, using it simply as hardcore calisthenics to tune up your muscles and joints.”

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