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Charles Green

Charles Green is Moove It's marketing manager. With 15 years of experience in the technology services industry, he brings a mixture of technology, business, and marketing expertise to Moove It.

Technology is transforming healthcare at a faster rate than any of us can recall – involving everything from the emergence of precision medicine offering highly customized medical treatments, to the use of digital technologies to transform our experiences of how we visit physicians.

Creating Moove It’s global Healthtech Index

Here at Moove It, we work with some of the leading healthcare and healthtech organizations around the world, and are dedicated to making healthcare more accessible and affordable than ever before. Given this focus, we wanted to identify which cities around the world have the most developed healthtech ecosystems, and in exactly which areas of the sector they are excelling in.

So we did the research and are delighted to reveal Moove It’s Healthtech Index. This index reveals the prevalence and maturity of the healthtech ecosystem in 85 global cities, demonstrating the healthtech capitals of the world.

The background to the healthtech study 

To start off, we researched the different factors that impact the healthtech sector in different cities. This involved analyzing three major components:

  1. Public and private investment. For each city we looked at the amount of capital invested into healthtech related technologies. Then, we looked at corporate infrastructure and the number of startups related to healthtech and healthcare organizations.
  2. Depth of human capital. We looked at the number of people employed within the healthtech industry and specifically for what jobs, and their salaries.
  3. A deep-dive into the maturity of specific healthtech sectors. This involved evaluating the number of companies involved in 17 areas ranging from telemedicine, mental health, to cardiovascular care, and biometric data gathering.


Boston is the most mature healthtech city worldwide

Boston achieved the highest possible scores in our analysis of the number of healthtech startups as well as the number of legacy healthcare companies. It had one of the highest scores with regards to the extent of R&D funding. And it ranked highest in specific healthtech segments including the number of companies working in biometric data gathering and cardiovascular health.

Closely behind Boston in the Healthtech Index were New York and San Francisco. Perhaps unsurprisingly, San Francisco achieved the highest score from all cities with respect to funding and employment – a measure that we calculated as the amount of private funding given to companies in a city, as well as healthtech employment. Outside of the US, the top cities were London, Singapore, and Paris. Another interesting finding is how when we evaluated the cities where organizations receive the most R&D funding, it was Taipei and Beijing that scored highest – indicating a strong presence of research institutions that excel in computer science and medicine.

Check out the interactive results 

We have chosen to make the data and results of the study freely available. You can analyze the data in a few different ways. You can click on the icon of the specialty you’re interested in, and either filter it from highest to lowest or vice versa. You can do that for each segment or you can filter the city’s total averaged amount and see how the cities rank with all the sections factored together.

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