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DevSnack #10: JS frameworks! The good, the bad, and the ugly. Tie-breaker comparisons for this week’s DevSnack.

#1 – Why use JS Frameworks at all?

JavaScript fundamentalists may argue pure JavaScript is better for a great number of reasons, while most of  the community prefers to delegate the deep-down code to Frameworks and just work on what they call ‘the real problem’.  See for yourself what David Walsh (@davidwalshblog) has to say about it.

#2 – Mithril vs The World

Released in March of 2014 and having 83 contributors on GitHub, Mithril is worth to take a look at, as it claims to be the smallest, fastest and easiest JS Framework. Take a look at this post to see how convenient it may be for your purposes, compared to an Angular or React approach.

#3 – Angular vs Ember

Robin Ward (@eviltrout), tells us in his blog that Angular is simpler than Ember, but this simplicity comes along with some pitfalls he illustrates with examples. Check it out!

#4 – Ember over Angular

In this article, Paul Yoder (@paulyoder) explains how he found Ember, and why he feels that Angular let him down in some aspects. Not only a technical comparison but also an overview from a more human perspective.

#5 – Showdown! Angular vs Backbone vs Ember

Come along with Uri Shaked (@urishaked), while he contrasts the key features of these frameworks. Things like Backbone’s minimalism, Angular’s innovative approach and Ember’s performance.

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