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DevSnack #14: Web apps performance is crucial. If the app works fast the user experience is better, and this improves yours chances of success.

Ruby on Rails code optimization and cleanup, Rack MiniProfiler and more on this week’s DevSnack.

#1 – Web Performance is User experience

Lara Swanson (@lara_hogan) explains how the efforts to optimize your website’s performance could have a great effect on the entire user experience.

#2 – Web Performance Terms

Alex Pinto (@ad3pinto) created an amazing glossary with 50+ terms we need to understand on web performance.

#3 – Ruby on Rails code optimization and cleanup

Keeping your code clean and organized while developing a large Rails application can be quite a challenge, even for an experienced developer. Fortunately, Damir Svrtan (@damirsvrtan) outlines a whole category of gems that make this job much easier.

#4 – The Secret weapon of Ruby and Rails speed

Nate Berkopec (@nateberkopec) brings an exhaustive explanation about mini-profiler. Rack-mini-profiler (maintained by @samsaffron) is a powerful Swiss army knife for Rack app performance.

#5 – 20 Top Factors That Impact Website Response Time

Three seconds may not seem like a long time, but it could be the difference between making the online sale and losing a customer!



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