Memory leaks, awesome Ruby libraries and more

Gabriel Fagundez
August 7, 2015 | 2 min read

DevSnack #1: A selection of five interesting articles shared internally in our #ruby Slack channel.

As Ruby developers, we deal with thousands of issues every week. Since we love sharing our experience, this is the summary of the most interesting links we found this week.

#1 – What I Learned About Hunting Memory Leaks in Ruby 2.1

We usually spend a bunch of time deep diving into some mystery memory leaks in Ruby when we are working at the office. They were persistent and annoying, though not devastating by any means—the kind we could get away with ignoring for a long while, but shouldn’t. Here’s an experience, an awesome story.

#2 – Awesome Ruby

A collection of awesome Ruby libraries, tools, frameworks and software. The essential Ruby to build modern Apps and Web Apps. Inspired by the awesome-* trend on GitHub. The goal is to build a categorized community-driven collection of very well-known resources.

#3 – How to Call Bash (not Shell) From Ruby

Is it possible to call Bash methods, not Shell ones from Ruby? In this article, the author explains how to do it!

#4 – Just use double-quoted strings

If you are a Ruby developer, you’ve heard this statement before: Use single quoted strings unless you need string interpolation. Of course, this statement looks consistent. When we instantiate strings using double quotes, the Ruby interpreter has to do extra work: perform the interpolation. Since extra work means reduced performance, it seems reasonable to avoid double-quoted instantiation unless it’s a necessity. In this article, the author makes some tests to analyze the impact of double quotes in the performance.

#5 – Rubycritic

RubyCritic is a gem that wraps around static analysis gems such as Reek, Flay and Flog to provide a quality report of your Ruby code.

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