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Charles Green

Charles Green is Moove It's marketing manager. With 15 years of experience in the technology services industry, he brings a mixture of technology, business, and marketing expertise to Moove It.

We’re proud to announce our partnership with RevenueCat. Put simply, if your business has a mobile app or is considering building one, then RevenueCat makes it significantly easier to implement and manage in-app purchases and subscriptions.

The challenges of using Apple and Google’s proprietary subscriptions

Apple’s StoreKit and Google Pay Billing both lack some basic functionality for businesses that want to manage their subscriptions and billing as effectively as possible. In addition, many businesses will be using Stripe for payments on web platforms. So they face a combination of  challenges regarding complex integrations, status tracking, receipt validation, seeing total customer transaction volume, and providing a single source of truth for a subscriber’s status across Google, Apple, and the web.

With RevenueCat’s SDK wrapper, you can sell in-app purchases and subscriptions without managing servers or having to write backend code. The implementation is significantly easier, because you have a single, easy-to-use API for managing subscriptions across different platforms. It provides businesses with much clearer data around their customers by centralizing customer subscription status – including for example a real-time dashboard with metrics including subscription revenue, churn, and conversions. In addition, RevenueCat provides numerous third-party integrations, such as with Slack, Firebase, Mixpanel, and Amplitude.

Moove It’s partnership in action

We decided to partner with RevenueCat because we saw the value their technology provides.

To understand more about this, check out our blog post about our work with Vooks. Together, we built a powerful React Native app that animates storybooks for children, and is loved by millions of children, parents and educators across the world. Here, we decided to centralize their in-app store purchases using RevenueCat for an enhanced customer experience. In-app purchases are a key way to offer additional content and increase engagement in media platforms. By integrating the mobile apps and the backend API, we centralized in-app store purchases, analytics and management.

Contact us to learn more

Our team of experts can help you deploy RevenueCat in your mobile app, reducing your in-app purchase deployment time to just hours.

If you’d like to learn more, then reach out, and we’ll schedule a consultation with one of our mobile experts.

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