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Gabriel Fagundez

Gabriel Fagundez is the COO of Moove It. A results oriented executive, he has experience leading worldwide teams to match companys' expectations by providing a solid consultancy service.

Since our foundation 15 years ago we have been proud of the feedback we have received from our clients. We have always received excellent feedback regarding the quality of our work, how we approach problems as a team, and the way in which we grow our partnerships with our clients throughout their business lifecycle.

We have also been aware of our errors. In the case of mistakes, we took the time to figure out the real root cause of each problem, and then implemented the necessary steps to improve. This process is key to demonstrating trust and building a long-term relationship. Since the beginning of Moove It, we have accompanied many clients in their journey from their first days of life through their own digital transformations to achieve success in their industry.

Our customer-centric approach has allowed us to transform ourselves and learn from each experience, growing to the 250 person company that we are today. We’ve built software products for a great variety of businesses in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, fintech, entertainment, education, IoT, real estate, hi-tech/software, as well as more niche sectors such as chemicals, and hiring & recruiting.

How did we measure our NPS score?

We were encouraged by the consistent positive feedback we received from our clients, but wanted to look deeper so we started to investigate if there was a good metric we could use to accurately measure their satisfaction. That’s why 2 years ago we decided to start measuring our client satisfaction using the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The NPS is the percentage of clients rating their likelihood to recommend a company, a product, or a service to a friend or colleague. It has been widely adopted by Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations, and it is based on a simple question: 

How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?

Based on the answers to this simple question, you can calculate a number in the range of -100 to +100, which in turn gives you a measure of your client’s satisfaction with the provided service. The higher the Net Promoter Score is, the happier the different clients are with the quality of your service.

Our latest score is amazing: 82.02 without any detractors

Measuring the NPS consists of several stages. As a summary, we first made a list of all the different clients that were exposed to our services during the period we were measuring. That means all the companies that we have been working with, no matter if they were using our product discovery services, a complex digital transformation, a relatively simple development project, or a solid and deeper partnership involving several roles and profiles. All were included to give a complete picture. 

Secondly, we defined the audience. Our policy at this stage was simple: we included in the survey every individual, no matter what role they played in their company, that were exposed to Moove It’s team. This meant various roles were included: C-level executives, project managers, product managers, developers, designers, managers, and even company owners and board members. All of them shared an important trait: they are interested in Moove It’s service quality and have worked with us. 

After getting the responses, we then proceed to the calculation:

  • Scores of 9 and 10 are considered “Promoters”. Those are counterparts that are highly satisfied with our services and are willing to recommend us to friends, colleagues, and other companies.
  • Scores of 7 and 8 are considered “Neutral”. Even though they are not fully satisfied with our services, they are not detractors. 
  • Scores of 6 and below are considered “Detractors”. This group is not only dissatisfied but also not willing to recommend you at all.

The final NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of survey respondents who are detractors from the percentage of survey respondents who are promoters. The score will land somewhere between -100 to 100.

Our final NPS, 82.02, is a simple demonstration of the high quality of our work and a validation of our engagement model. This number puts us solidly as a high-end company that delivers outstanding services to our clients.

Taking a look at Satmetrix’ NPS Benchmark, one of the co-creators of this popular customer success metric, the NPS varies widely by industry, however, the average always stands between 0 and 60. An NPS of over 80 points is achieved only by those companies that provide a highly customized service, in which a big portion of the clients are satisfied, and it’s rare to have detractors, and this is exactly where we are standing.

Auditing our process by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Apart from providing a high-quality service, we also strongly believe in transparency and professionalism. We apply these same values, that we consider a must-have with our clients, internally as well. That’s why we decided to have our Net Promoter Score survey process audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The team at PwC conducted a deep examination of the calculation of our Net Promoter Score and survey process, ensuring that each aspect of the process was well executed. After months of investigation, they approved it, providing us a written certification of their conclusions.

Our next challenge is to transform Moove It into one of the world’s leading boutique software innovation companies by 2025. Reaching this goal requires us to focus on providing unparalleled service to our clients. We’ll do this by being flexible, and learning from our mistakes. We’ll constantly push for ways to improve quality, and, as a client-centric company, every single client will feel that they are working with a team that provides them with the skills and expertise to make a difference in their respective industries.

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