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Our culture is our people.
Products are designed and implemented by the team.

Code is written, tested and deployed by our crew.

And guess who is solving our problems and hacks…no wonder it is our staff. One of the most important tasks we have in Moove It is recruiting. In this article, we will try to explain how we do it, what we look for in technical & operative candidates and common mistakes candidates make. Furthermore, we will share some learnings, insights, and recommendations.


Junior vs Senior candidates

There are two big groups of people we look for: junior and senior professionals.

The first group includes advanced students who are looking for a first or -even better- second work experience. We prefer individuals who are eager to learn, work hard, make mistakes, find solutions and investigate while getting involved with projects and teammates.

As part of the recruiting process, we give developers some technical tasks to solve on their own. Sometimes, we want candidates to solve a complex challenge within the frame of a technology they feel comfortable with, or an easy one in a technology they are not very familiar with yet.
To be honest, we do not really care if they have reached the best solution. We pay attention to the thinking process they are using while trying to solve the problem. We try to understand how they use design patterns or tests. After that, we schedule an onsite meeting to revise the questions they ask and the conclusions they arrive to.

While trying to fill senior positions, the research is a bit different. We look for people with proven experience and deep and broad technical knowledge; 6-8 years of work experience as background is very much appreciated. Senior professionals also bring new processes, methodologies and ideas to the table. We encourage new hires to share good practices with the team.

Even though we expect different things from junior and senior developers, we still expect a similar attitude. Being a team player is a must. Flexibility is also essential as well as the desire to grow and evolve. Ego? The exact opposite. Leadership and communication skills (in Spanish and English) are very welcome.

Senior candidates



Conversion rate from candidates to hires is pretty low: we always look for the best talent. So, when candidates are not a perfect fit for the company’s culture, we prefer not to move forward. We have made mistakes in the past, and learned from them.

The situation is exactly the opposite when candidates are referred by current or past employees. In such cases, the hiring rate is extremely high. People who know our culture, methodologies and team generally refer people who are a good match. So, if you want to be part of our team, get to know our team, being referred is always a good strategy!

Mistakes and Recommendations

Something that not all candidates understand is that everything counts. Everything; emails, answers, the scheduling process, interviews, energy. Taking care of details is something we appreciate and thank

During the interviews, what candidates say is as important as how they say it, body language speaks. Tone, silences, questions, reactions, everything is important.
– Once, a candidate came to the interview with his mom. It might not be wrong, but it is, at least, weird.

– It happens every once in a while that a candidate sends the CV dozens of times in just a few days, by means of different channels. Note: we receive all e-mails. If we do not answer it is because we are not looking for someone with your profile at the moment.  

A place to Grow

Here, we can proudly say that people grow, evolve and learn. We design an individual career path for all of our team members, which is periodically analyzed and redefined.
We understand the importance of being able to see the future, thus we plan, implement and deliver as expected. Not just with clients, but also with employees.
Are you looking for a place to grow? This is the place for you.

What do we offer?

Being a key member of our growing team. 

Continuous technical challenges.

An opportunity to contribute with your experience and ideas to exciting projects, that impact on the lives of millions of users.

Growing as a professional and an individual.

An awesome team culture. If you want to be part of our team do not hesitate and send your resume to or apply HERE. We are probably looking for someone like you.






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