April 28, 2017

The Clean Architecture on Android

By Juan Manuel Pereira

October 26, 2016

Going from MVC to MVP on iOS

By Maximiliano Casal

Best Practices for your JS stack

DevSnack #57: JavaScript is everywhere, it has conquered the web and have also started to break into the desktop world. Gone are the days where being a JavaScript developer meant that you could only work on the front end of a web application. With Node.js those days are behind us and a new era of JavaScript development is just beginning. … Continued

Accessibility on the Web

DevSnack #56: Ideally, web applications should be accessible to everyone. That means including people with disabilities. There are four main areas of disabilities to consider when building an application: visual, hearing, mobility and cognition. Front-end development has ways and tools to achieve this. There’s a standard on how to make web apps and content more accessible to … Continued

A fast CSSconf Argentina review

Last Sunday August 7th, I attended the first South American CSS Conference, which took place in Argentina, at Escuela Superior de Comercio Carlos Pellegrini, Buenos Aires. By the way, I was not alone; three other Moove-it folks were there: @aragno157, @gusability and @Mefistos0. It was a great opportunity to get close to the community and expose ourselves in front … Continued

Speed up your Database!

DevSnack #55: When building systems, we must consider a lot of things with regard to manipulating stored data, so that they perform efficiently. When domain/business data is little there is not much to worry about, however, as it grows, latency becomes a key factor to be cautious about, since it could potentially make our whole … Continued

Dear Programmers: Namaste!

DevSnack #54: As software developers we are constantly training our brains and learning new things on a daily basis. We face challenges all the time and in order to solve them we use our creativity, our mind. But what happens to our bodies? I personally believe that we should cultivate both mind and body as … Continued

Diving Into Functional Programming

DevSnack #53: Scala, Elm, Elixir, Clojure and the list goes on. The software industry is adopting a lot of functional concepts by creating functional programming languages or adding functional support to existing programming languages. If you are not using a functional programming language per se, it is highly likely that you are using one of those concepts in … Continued

Expanding Our Reality

DevSnack #52: Earlier this year, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and applications started to become more accessible to everyone with a modern smartphone. In the last month, the world was witness to the success of Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality (AR) is now on the spotlight. But what happened before this? What’s the difference between VR and AR?  In … Continued

Customizing Agile

DevSnack #51: The agile methodology provides a great framework for software development, but sometimes strictly following the guidelines is not productive. Here we have five links that could give us some interesting ideas to apply in our regular process.

Avoid the craziness!

DevSnack #50: Are you the kind of person that keeps a thousand open tabs in your browser? Do you use several browsers and find yourself lost between old posts that you, for some reason, don’t want to lose? Have you ever tried to bookmark something you already bookmarked months ago but you have still not read? … Continued

What’s with Elixir programming language?

DevSnack #49: Learning a new programming language can be hard. Even if the syntax of the new language looks familiar, you need to figure out how that new programming language’s paradigm fits with your knowledge. Apart from that, you need to learn about the tools, libraries, modules and frameworks in the language ecosystem and how they work together. … Continued

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