May 17, 2018

A Gentle Guide to Blockchain

By Juan Andrés Zeni

Kaigi: Our Retrospective tool for distributed teams

Agile methodologies, nowadays, are the de-facto development framework for software projects in the industry. Moove-it firmly believes in the benefits of using Agile, and over the years has been developing its version based on hundreds of successful and not so successful in house experiences. One of the key elements of Agile is fluid communication among … Continued

Ruby & Full-Stack Development from the Weird City of Austin

As we near the second anniversary of our Austin office, we reflect on the founding of a little software company back in 2006. When we began, we wanted to have a focus on mobile applications. At that time, Apple iPhones and Android smartphones didn’t exist and the mobile industry was dominated by Nokia – chiefly … Continued

Product Scope Definition Workshop

In today’s landscape, vague ideas are the starting point for multi-million dollar businesses. However, before being shaped into real products, ideas must cross a tangled jungle full of detours, dead-ends, and dangers of all kind. Only the most experienced guides, aimed with the right maps, tools, and knowledge, can lead the journey to success. To … Continued

Solving a Memory Leak using jRuby 1.7, Ruby 1.9 and Redis

The Problem On a recent project running on jRuby 1.7.23, mizuno 0.6.8 and the Rest Service Framework Angus 0.0.13, we were faced with a substantial memory leak. During our initial troubleshooting, we found that restarting mizuno weekly prevented the process from crashing. This meant that while we were debugging, we were also scheduling restarts every … Continued

The Clean Architecture on Android

At Moove-it we work hard to create beautiful, scalable and maintainable Android apps. To achieve that goal, over the years we have tried different architecture approaches (MVP, MVVM, MVC and some custom architectures) until we finally encountered the Clean Architecture. In this post we introduce the Clean Architecture and then explain the approach we took … Continued

Getting started with Preact and Progressive Web Apps

Are you concerned about accessibility? Do you want your site to be blazingly fast and accessible, even from some random guy with a 2G connection on the North Pole? Are you afraid about being sued by Facebook? (JK probably not happening tho.) Then you might wanna take a look to Preact, a lightweight alternative to React — and why … Continued

Going from MVC to MVP on iOS

Every time we start a fresh mobile project, we are compelled to choose from many patterns, for us to be able to ultimately architect our solution in a way that it primarily stays maintainable and scalable. However, we may feel stunned because of the number of options and variations. By the time are done with this post, you will hopefully have gained the necessary knowledge for you to … Continued

Sponsoring Ruby

Once more, Moove-it proudly sponsors two of the most relevant events of the Ruby community: KeepRubyWeird 2016 in Austin, Texas, and RubyConf 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

DevSnack #61: MVVM on Android

DevSnack #61: When building a new application, developers must consider which architecture to use. This decision will affect tests capabilities, modularity, extensibility and a bunch of other characteristics. In the past, there were not that many options for developers to choose from. There was a time that the only options were MVC or MVP. But now, with the … Continued

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