June 30, 2020

By JR González

May 26, 2020

By Mercedes Acevedo

Bringing react hooks to modals

React Hooks Recently with React 1.16.7 alpha react announced it would be releasing “hooks” to allow you to use state outside of a class component (hooks intro). This has large implications for DRY coding and reusing stateful logic. Before when you had components that overlapped functionalities you could define getters/setters which could clunkily fit into … Continued

5 non-obvious principles of product discovery processes

“Product discovery” is how we name the process in which we transform client’s ideas, thoughts, problems and insights into a high-fidelity prototype. Generally, the entrepreneur or product owner has an idea in his mind. We facilitate the process of taking those thoughts, understand the possible users, get deeply immersed in the market, and then transform … Continued

What are cloud native applications and why are they the future?

Cloud computing has a substantial impact on how companies acquire, manage and maintain infrastructure for their applications. Cloud computing opened a new path for applications ranging from new programming languages, automation and deployment processes to new forms of architecture. We are living in a time of immense changes in technology: today’s standards were simple ideas … Continued

What is Apple MFi and how to use it?

As you may already know, handheld devices these days are able to do a lot more than just show basic applications. Mobile devices can do a wide range of things, from accessing your bank account to managing your house and controlling external hardware and peripherals. In this blog post, we’ll focus on the latter. Since the … Continued

End-to-end testing with Puppeteer and Jest

In Software Engineering, deploying to production is always a risk, but at the same time, it is always necessary. How else would you ship new features or bug fixes? Bugs are frequently introduced while deploying new features or fixing other bugs. We are only human, after all. Given this scenario, it seems wise to invest … Continued

Which framework should I use: React Native or Flutter?

Mobile development has won over the world, with companies shifting their priorities to their mobile products. With this global domination of sorts, companies have been finding and developing newer, better ways to progress. Frameworks, although started out with the development of hybrid apps showing a website inside an application, have been evolving into creating fully … Continued

Bringing women into the world of technology

Last year, I attended an interesting event that was designed to encourage women to go into programming. It was held in my hometown of Montevideo, Uruguay and organized by Django Girls, a non-profit organization that holds free Python and Django workshops for women. Run by volunteers, Django Girls is making technology more accessible by providing … Continued

Welcome to the new Moove It

Big news! We’re rebranding, and with that comes a new website, logo, colors and font that reflect the success and transformation our company has experienced in the last 12 years. Back when we started out in 2006, old-fashion software dominated the software industry, waterfall development methodology was all the rage and Nokia 1100 devices were … Continued

Our template for building a React Native mobile app

React Native is taking over the mobile world, from the very start of being released to the general public. Being a newcomer in the industry, there isn’t a proper consensus for the structure of a React Native based app, so we’ve decided to implement our own. A main reason we want to define a baseline for … Continued

GDPR: The New Normal of Software Development

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect this week. While the regulation affects all organizations accessing personal data of European Union (EU) citizens, its implication for software development companies is far reaching. This is because personal data – the focus of the regulation – is at the very core of software … Continued

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