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DevSnack #17: Both patterns and principles are sometimes forgotten due to all the awesome frameworks and gems. The following list of articles will refresh these concepts and will expose the right way to apply them.

#1 – SOLID Design Principles – Dependency Injection

In this article Sandy Metz (@sandymetz) shows how one of the SOLID principles can turn the code more testable and beautiful. “Not as painful as it sounds…”.

#2 – The Open Closed Principle

This post reminds us one of the most important principles of software engineering: the Open Closed Principle (OCP). Robert Martin (@unclebobmartin) talks about the benefit of OCP, and when should we apply it. Avoid Shotgun Surgery!

#3 – 7 Patterns to Refactor Fat ActiveRecord Models

Discover 7 patterns to apply on ActiveRecord models in this article written by Bryan Helmkamp (@brynary).

#4 – Null Object Pattern in Ruby

Pretty useful and simple pattern explained by Franzé Júnior (@franzejr). Don’t ask for nothing!

#5 – The Strategy Pattern

Doug Yun (@dougyun) makes a clean implementation of Strategy Pattern on Ruby. He also explains both when and why is useful and beautiful.

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