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February 19, 2016

What is Personal Software Process?


Maite Mañana

Maite Mañana is a lead iOS engineer and project manager at Moove It.

DevSnack #28: in this week’s DevSnack we bring 5 interesting links on Personal Software Process (PSP). Get a general overview on how the process was born by talking to its creator and take a pick at its fundamental basics. Hear some opinions from those who are not really keen on this type of processes and finally, if it caught your attention, take a look at PSP phase 2: TSP. Dig in!

#1 – Personal Quality Management with the Personal Software Process

If you’re feeling doubtful regarding the needs that Personal Software Process addresses, @AlanSKoch gives you a brief yet powerful introduction to the reasons why PSP may be exactly what you need.

# 2 – Personal Software Process

In this article, @gwareddm talks about the PSP from an agile-developer perspective and explains why – sometimes – the grass is greener on the other side.

# 3 – An Interview with Watts Humphrey

Because it’s always better to go straight to the source, @Grady_Booch interviews Watts Humphrey – PSP creator and walks us through the development of this process.

# 4 – Introduction to the Personal Software Process

Lois N. L. Akoto explains PSP in a nutshell, providing a general overview of Introduction to Personal Software Process – the PSP bible.

# 5 – Implementing TSP process to build better software products

Do you like to push things further? @anandsesh_s tells you how, by implementing TSP after PSP.

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