Interesting Ruby’s websites for beginners

Mariana De Carli
January 26, 2012 | 2 min read

The coolest thing about Ruby is that even though it’s a dynamic and reflective programming language it’s very easy to learn. More and more programmers around the world are interested in learning this new tool for making cool things. We’ve selected 3 interesting websites to help people (kids or adults) to know a little bit more of Ruby’s world.

Kids Ruby (to kids)

ruby Kids Ruby is especially focused on kids, with a very easy interface which allows you to see the code, run it, and at the same time see what it outputs. Kids Ruby is also attractive for his Turtle graphics that allows you to draw pictures and have fun by mixing and trying colors. Kids Ruby includes a lot of useful resources and you don’t even need an internet connection to work. Developers also created a complete KidsRuby operating system based on Ubuntu Linux that makes program in Ruby a lot easier for kids.

Rails for zombies

Kids Ruby Rails for Zombies offers an open-source web framework with all the power of the Ruby language and with no additional configuration needed. In this site you can see tutorial videos which allow you to learn more about Ruby on Rails in just five levels. After seeing each video you’ll be challenged with cool exercises to practice your new skills. So if you’re a zombie and you’re hungry for Ruby’s knowledge this is the perfect site for you.

Try Ruby

Try Ruby This website brings a very interactive Ruby tutorial; you can test new functions step by step and understand a little bit more about this language. In just 15 minutes and with a very interactive interface you can understand what Ruby is about. This site also allows you to save your progress by sign up for free at Code School.

Now that you have these very easy options to learn Ruby why don’t you try it out and maybe we’ll see you soon as a new member of Moove-IT’s team 😉

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