Seba Borrazas won the Programming Contest

Ariel Luduena Karhs
October 3, 2011 | < 1 min read

programming contest


Today I want to write about Sebastian Borrazas and the programming contest he is taking part in.

Sebastian Borrazas is a talented developer, member of an exclusive group of developers which makes Moove-IT a big company – I’m not talking about quantity, I’m talking about greatness.

Last week, he together with his team, won the Programming Contest organized annually by the ORT University of Montevideo, Uruguay.

The contest was basically about Programming Algorithms and Algorithm Design Techniques. Each group of contestants had to apply techniques like Backtracking, Dynamic programming, Divide & Conquer, Knapsack, Dijkstra, etc.

The challenge was clear: to successfully do the greatest number of exercises in no more than 4 hours. Then the jury would evaluate the execution time of the Algorithm and have a winner.

Next step will be to travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 5 to take part in the regionals. This will be hard. More than 500 teams from all over Latin America will be there too.

We are very proud to have Sebastian as our Geek Ambassador in this contest!

Good luck Moovetiano!

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