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Ariel Luduena Karhs

Ariel Luduena Karhs is the CEO and co-founder of Moove It. A passionate entrepreneur and technologist, whose ability to lead development teams and implement leading-edge technologies have been a driving force behind Moove It’s success.

As our local community of Ruby developers keeps growing and getting more mature, we have decided to dive in and start sponsoring two major Ruby-focused events in North America: KeepRubyWeird, in Austin, and RubyConf, in San Antonio.

During your business’ lifetime, you inevitably get irrationally, powerfully attracted to many ideas – you have to – but you truly fall in love only a couple of times. These love affairs change your previous notions and become turning points that can drive your business, from then, on.

At some point during its lifetime, Moove-it fell in love with Ruby. Ruby’s philosophy totally transformed the way the company thought about and practiced software engineering. Ruby also opened doors to interesting, new challenges, like working with startups and innovative companies, mainly from the US.

Moove-it’s first American client – and, still, one of the company’s biggest and oldest accounts – has its technical department in Dallas, Texas. Through word of mouth, Moove-it started working with other clients from different parts of the US, like New York and San Francisco, while continuing to build its core client base in The Lone Star State.

At the same time as investing in exciting, new projects in North America, like the StartupHouse in San Francisco, Moove-it continued to view Texas as the most natural candidate to become its focal point location in the US. The idea of establishing Moove-it in Texas became truly captivating.

Due to its central role in the company’s corporate strategy, the explosive growth of its tech sector, its relatively low cost of living and its entrepreneurial spirit – and, not least, because of the kindness of its people, its gastronomic delights, its warm climate and other similarities with Uruguay – Texas became Moove-it’s next, great love.

As a result, we have decided to take a more proactive approach and increase our visibility in the second largest state in this great country. We’re diving straight in, by sponsoring two major Ruby-focused events in the next few weeks: KeepRubyWeird, in Austin, on October 23rd, and RubyConf 2015, in San Antonio, November 15th thru 17th.

Some of our crew will be traveling to Texas to attend the RubyConf and then staying on, in Austin, for a couple of weeks. It’s our second visit to Texas, this year, and we’re looking forward to shaking hands with great, old friends, making plenty of new ones and, of course, exploring new business opportunities!

We also want to generate awareness about the reasons why we love Ruby and our profession: with that in mind, we’ve built something special for the occasion – it’s a cool, little IoT wearable device to take to the conference. We’ve called it “the ShakeJake project”.

Stay tuned for further updates on our progress ahead of, and during, our trip – and, to get to know more about ShakeJake!

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