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Ariel Luduena Karhs

Ariel Luduena Karhs is the CEO and co-founder of Moove It. A passionate entrepreneur and technologist, whose ability to lead development teams and implement leading-edge technologies have been a driving force behind Moove It’s success.


Moove It was created with delivering quality as its fundamental principle. Our vision has always been to build a consulting firm to deliver the highest quality services possible in the software industry, regardless of which services we would gradually include in our portfolio, and which technologies we would apply to achieve our clients’ goals. Almost 15 years later, we continue to be guided by that same vision, always striving to deliver the highest quality services and generate exceptional results for our clients, no matter the area of expertise.


Taking a step into the Artificial Intelligence world was a logical choice for Moove It. We are, at the core, a team of innovative software engineers, who are always investigating next-generation solutions and many of us had already experimented with the technology prior to the discussion of adding it as a practice area. The maturity of the technology stack combined with the growing demand from our clients, and the industry in general, made the decision simple; we needed to add the practice into our portfolio. The real challenge was determining the best strategy that would allow us to deliver a quality service offering from day one. 


Marvik is an Artificial Intelligence consulting firm founded by Paula Martínez and Rodrigo Beceiro in 2016 with the same philosophy regarding quality as Moove It but laser-focused in Artificial Intelligence. The company has worked in several industries, providing services to clients in areas such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Predictive Analysis. 


The investment will allow Moove It and Marvik to join forces, leveraging our combined expertise, in order to take on greater challenges together. Our joint goal is simple: to create one of the best Artificial Intelligence engineering teams in the industry, focused on providing high-value, strategic consulting services to our clients.




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