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January 13, 2016

The Art of Estimation



DevSnack #23: If you work in the Software Development field, especially in a company doing Agile Development, you most likely have come upon an estimation situation. Estimations are no piece of cake, but come handy when dealing with customer and product management expectations that will get you that limited budget you’ve been begging for. We rounded up five “You may like to read this” articles about the “art” of estimating.

#1 – Purpose of Estimation

Here @martinfowler shares a short dissertation on why and when estimations become a valuable part of a team’s workflow.

#2 – Why is estimating so hard?

Beautiful words, but, in case you are under the impression that nothing can go wrong with estimations, please take a look at this @unclebobmartin’s article.

#3 – What’s the point of Agile Points?

There are many schools when it comes to units of estimation: hours, points, t-shirt sizes, and what not. My personal taste is to go with points, and I think this article by @mdavidgreen contains a fair explanation of what they are and how they work.

#4 – Three powerful estimation techniques for Agile teams

In order to be able to estimate in teams, criteria must be used and agreements must be reached. Many teams even don’t use any popular technique, but define their own based on others. In another article by @mdavidgreen we take a look at three of the most renowned ones.

#5 – Velocity, Agile estimation and Trust

There’s no point in using estimations if your expectations upon them are unrealistic. In this article, @noelrap makes some reasoning about estimations in Agile projects.

May the points be with you.

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