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DevSnack #16: A series of articles that follow the 7 reasons format and are meant to be food for thought. They expose different aspects of JavaScript and some of its frameworks: Meteor and MEAN Stack. This is why JavaScript.

#1 – 7 Reasons Every Programmer Needs to Learn JavaScript

Three things to do in your life: plant a tree, write a book and have a child. According to Dave Bush (@davembush), if you are a programmer you should also include: learn JavaScript.

#2 – 7 reasons why frameworks are the new programming languages

This post encourages the use of frameworks by providing several reasons why they are the new programming languages. Read this post by Peter Wayner (@peterwayner) and remember “Code is law”.

#3 – 7 Reasons to Develop Your Next Web App with Meteor

Discover 7 reasons to use Meteor framework in your JavaScript apps in this article written by David Turnbull (@dturnbull).

#4 – 7 Good Reasons to use MEAN Stack in your next web project

Intended to promote the use of MEAN Stack, a full stack framework for JavaScript which combines Mongo, Express, Angular and Node; this article enlightens us with some of the advantages of using the framework.

#5 – Which do you prefer and why: MEAN stack or MeteorJS?

Not a 7 reasons article but serves as a conclusion to make you think and judge by yourself. This shows an answer to the question provided by Dan Dascalescu (@dandv) about the differences between MEAN and Meteor.

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