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DevSnack #50: Are you the kind of person that keeps a thousand open tabs in your browser? Do you use several browsers and find yourself lost between old posts that you, for some reason, don’t want to lose? Have you ever tried to bookmark something you already bookmarked months ago but you have still not read? I know by experience that this is a big discussed topic around developers, so let’s start avoiding the browser craziness and start fighting the tab hoarding (and gain in productivity) with this five posts!

#1 – Make it stop

In this post @elmoonio explains us why it is better to moderate the amount of tabs we have opened in our browser.

#2 – Life savers

In this post from @ProductHunt we are introduced to a lot of life-changing chrome extensions, starting with OneTab and through some non-work-related but useful extensions like Smart Tab Mute. 

#3 – OneTab

Try it if you feel brave enough to say goodbye to ALL your tabs. Here @deffjunn shows that OneTab does not only clean your browser but also improve its performance.

#4 – Pocket (Not only a fancy bookmark app

Is it often that you go back and read the articles you have populating your browser? You can save them and read them offline later. @denharsh gives us his best offline productivity tip with Pocket app that I also use and recommend to everyone. (While I’m writing this post I’m also collecting A LOT of reading material in my Pocket account).

#5 – Todoist

If what you are looking for is to increase your productivity you can find this app useful. This post written by @jbradleybush gives us 10 reasons to use Todoist app to get things done, specially if your life goes around a to-do list.

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