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DevSnack #51: The agile methodology provides a great framework for software development, but sometimes strictly following the guidelines is not productive. Here we have five links that could give us some interesting ideas to apply in our regular process.

#1 – Why Do So Many Programmers Hate Agile?

While we can all agree agile is better than waterfall development, the iterative methodology has a lot of detractors from it’s history of misuse. In this article, Anna Majowska from @dzone writes about sensations that programmers have while using an agile methodology.

#2 – Scrum is not done yet, and neither are you

Scrum has been around for the past 21 years, with fueling and supporting the methodology since 2009. In this post, Christina Mulligan (@MulliganSDTimes) tells us about the details of the Scrum SDK.

#3 – Why you need to customize your agile methods

It’s important that our agile process fit our workflow. In this link, Matthias Marschall (@mmarschall) give us some advices on how can we customize our process based on our team.

#4 – 3 steps for customizing your agile processes

Agile development is also meant to be creative and unique to each team. It’s meant to change, morph and be re-created by every team at every company. That’s why it is important to create a unique set of agile practices. This post by TechBeacon (@TechBeaconCOM) gives us three basic steps for doing so.

#5 – Customizing Agile

In this link, Scott Nonnenberg (@scottnonnenberg) teaches us how to exercise a new muscle: taking a standard cookie-cutter plan and tuning it for your specific team, project, or organization.

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