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DevSnack #34: Far behind are the times where front-end projects do not involve the use of JS compilers, complex dependencies and testing frameworks (just to say some). As these technologies appeared to the scene, it was necessary to find a way to integrate them in the most transparent way.

These next 5 links introduce us to the concept of build tools and what options are out there.

# 1 – What are we talking about?

Build tools and task runners are treated by most literature as synonyms, but they refer to two different (but not conflicting) concepts. @nadavspi explains in a very neat way what are the differences between them and what gobble is.

# 2 – What options are out there?

We always have many flavors to choose from, and build tools are not the exception. @bebraw summarizes many of them and explains their weaknesses and strengths.

# 3 – How to choose one build tool?

Got overwhelmed by all the different options? Don’t panic! As there isn’t a silver bullet product, @james_k_nelson gives us a little help on what build system should we use for a specific project.

# 4 – Because the most used is not always the best

@keithamus gives us a his take on one of the most used task runner tools, and explains why, in his opinion, we should avoid using it.

# 5 – Will you be coming to brunch?

Finally, @alxhill introduces Brunch, a very simple (not to say the simplest) and yet powerful build tool that will make your life easier in most of your projects. 100% guaranteed!

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