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DevSnack #35: JHipster is a Yeoman generator, used to create a Spring Boot + AngularJS project. A few days ago, the Java Hipster team released the version 3.0 adding support for project generation with a complete Microservices architecture. 

Let’s review JHipster through the following links!

# 1 – JHipster introduction

A great introduction to the Java Hipster project by its lead developer @juliendubois.

# 2 – Get Hip with JHipster: Spring Boot + AngularJS + Bootstrap

@mraible talking about how JHipster integrates popular frameworks like Spring Boot, Bootstrap and Angular to build modern web applications.

# 3 – JHipster video tutorial

This 20-minute tutorial created by @mraible shows how to quickly build a blog web app with a JHipster application.

# 4 – JHipster 3.0 Microservices architecture

This post by @java_hipster describes the components of the JHipster 3.0 Microservices architecture. 

# 5 – JHipster first book

Finally, for a more complete reference, I strongly suggest reading the first and unique free book about Java Hipster. Hope you enjoy it!

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