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Carin Carlin

Carin Carlin is Moove It's Communications Specialist. A graduate of Texas State University with a degree in Media Communication and Public Relations, she joined Moove It's marketing team in early 2021. Carin specializes in social media content creation, copywriting, and more.

Our Design Studio is one of the core pillars here at Moove It – everything from designing incredible mobile and desktop experiences, to doing the research into what a particular set of people really need, the studio is involved, at some point, in much of what we do. Designer, Guzman Iglesias, leads the studio, and we sat down together to understand more about the work they are doing, and the plans for 2022.

Reflective of the increase in demand for our services, in just the past year, we’ve more than doubled the size of our design studio. The team is involved in different stages of product development, depending on what an organization requires. Sometimes it’s at the product discovery phase, and others during the development process – flexibility is key.


Within the studio we have 3 main areas which fit within product design:

  1. User interface (UI) design. One of our key priorities of our UI area has been working on furthering and improving the use of best practices for UI development. Doing this means we’re able to efficiently integrate with product teams.
  2. Research. This is a key area which ensures we’re solving the right problems for our  clients’ products and their customers, and are then able to collect data in order to suggest improvements based on evidence.
  3. Visual design. A key element of our work in visual design is ensuring a brands’ personality stands out and is really memorable by its customers. This involves creating custom assets like illustrations, icons sets or graphics compositions able to give each project a unique identity.


Some design highlights from 2021

To see some of the work we have been doing, check out our case study with the US-based fintech company, Ahead. Meanwhile, our work with the financial services company, Bancard, is a great example of the power of design in creating a new type of personalized banking experience.

In addition to our work with clients, we’ve also worked on creating internal products to both build expertise, but which are also valuable for future design projects. A couple of highlights include:

  • Creation of our “Hiedra” design system. This is a Figma UI library based on Chakra UI, that helps designers get custom styled UI elements up and running quickly.
  • Creation of a fake product called “Knobs”. Although perhaps an unusual name, we created this as a product to experiment with new design and research techniques. We’ve also found it useful for on-boarding new team members.


Examples of work from Moove It’s Design Studio



We’re also proud of our work with the tool, Webflow, which we’ve used to re-design the front-end of various clients’ websites.

Our design studio’s plans for 2022

In 2022 we’ll be focusing on continuing to provide highly specialized design services to our clients. We also believe it’s important that product designers play a greater role in every software development project- not just those with a specific design focus. By doing this, we can ensure we’re creating the powerful and compelling experiences that businesses require. We’ll also be building out Moove It’s own design studio brand and visual identity – check out our site here!


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