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Charles Green

Charles Green is Moove It's marketing manager. With 15 years of experience in the technology services industry, he brings a mixture of technology, business, and marketing expertise to Moove It.

Moove It’s Project Delivery Management (PDM) Studio is a group of specialized individuals, mixing skills ranging from project management to team leadership. Acting at times a bit like Moove It’s own Winston Wolf, the PDM Studio has the skills and expertise to ensure the continual improvement of client projects, and can quickly identify, and then fix, potential issues and concerns.

The background to the studio emerged as we recognized the increasing complexity of many digital engagements. Creating powerful and engaging software that people want to use, requires multidisciplinary teams, processes, methodologies, all working seamlessly together. Almost every organization in the world will have struggled at some point or another with this. Here at Moove It, the studio has played, and continues to play, a crucial role in improving everything from our process management to our documentation, to ensure our delivery management meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways in which the studio helps Moove-It improve our process management, and the role it played in helping us achieve one of the highest net promoter scores (NPS) in the industry.

Four key focus areas of the Project Delivery Management Studio

In building the studio’s capabilities, we identified four main areas where it would generate expertise and help both internal teams and clients.

  1. Project support and assistance. In some client projects, the studio has helped define KPIs and metrics using tried and tested methodologies. In others, the studio has provided support for the product discovery process, for example in helping to write user stories, and create estimations in line with agile development methodologies. Meanwhile, for those organizations with less experience in agile development methodologies, we’ve helped by first analyzing their situation and then providing guidance to transition, or scale up, their use of agile.
  2. Diagnosing and assessing service quality. One of Moove It’s core differentiators is the quality of our services. To achieve this high quality, we’ve implemented numerous steps, ranging from building out comprehensive document repositories and management assets, to quality assurance. The studio acts as a fast and highly skilled assessment center for ensuring quality throughout every client engagement. 
  3. Knowledge transfer. This includes everything from workshops for Scrum Masters, to more general business skills training sessions. We recognize that in an industry that moves as fast as technology, and in particular software development, being able to share knowledge effectively between teams and individuals, is crucial to our long-term success.
  4. Defining standards, providing documentation and tools. The team typically generates four main types of assets:
    • Project surveys. This includes, for example, to review the tasks and responsibilities within a project. The studio has also worked closely with our operations team to coordinate Moove It’s annual assessment of our net promoter score (NPS).
    • Templates and tools for use across different projects. Here a typical example is conducting the post mortem analysis with a client, once a particular project has finished.
    • Process improvements, and defining tasks within processes. One of the most important achievements here, has been creating a structured approach for MVP (minimum viable product) discovery and development. It involves defining everything from the key roles to deliverables, along with their cadence for each stage. By having a more formal estimation process in place, we can provide our clients with a clear overview of costs and timings. It’s also a critical step in minimizing the divergence between the discovery and execution phases.

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The PDM strategy and how it helps Moove It provide unparalleled service quality

Looking ahead to 2022, we’ll be continuing to invest in our PDM capabilities. In particular, we recognize the importance of providing organizations with clear and structured documentation, in order to work seamlessly together. The studio has a series of workshops and other initiatives planned to foster knowledge transfer within Moove It. We’ll also be continuing our internal audit of every client engagement, to ensure we continue to improve our net promoter score, and provide a quality of service unparalleled in the industry.


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