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DevSnack #9: XP, the birth of a gem, new feature in Swift 2.0 and a bit of Haskell. A medley of dev topics, languages and experiences for this week’s DevSnack.

#1 – Is TDD dead?

Last year, DHH (@dhh) made a controversial statement about TDD. It triggered many replies from Agile and XP advocates, one of them was this post from Uncle Bob (@unclebobmartin).

#2 – Pairing with junior developers

In this article Sarah Mei (@sarahmei) gives some tips on how to train junior developers using pair programming. It’s focused on junior devs, but the same tips can be useful for teaching anything using pair programming.

#3 – Pundit inception

Pundit is a simple gem for authorization and Jonas Nicklas (@jonicklas) describes how it works and why his team decided to build a gem from scratch.

#4 – Mixins and Traits in Swift 2.0

Sometimes inheritance and interfaces are not enough – Matthijs Hollemans (@mhollemans) gives some cool examples and introduces a new feature from Swift 2.o.

#5 – Haskell love

Do you want to have fun while learning a new programming language or even fall in love with it? Zuzana Dostalova (@Jocinka) describes how she sees Haskell from a rubist point of view and why she fell in love with it.

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