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DevSnack #8: If it’s the first time you hear about D3 or if you are already working with it, but you think there is still a lot to learn out there, these five resources are worth taking a look!

#1 – D3 Tutorials by Scott Murray

If you want to start learning D3 and understand how it works, these tutorials by Scott Murray (@alignedleft) are a great place to start. From drawing basic things to binding data and working with axis and scales, you will really get D3 basics after reading this.

#2 – For example

In this article, based in a talk he gave, Mike Bostock (@mbostock) presents a selection of the favorite examples he built using D3. Examples are a really good way to understand how things work and see what different kinds of visualizations you can build using this library.

#3 – d3-legend

Are you bored of making legends for your data visualizations? d3-legend is a a reusable D3 component wrote by Susie Lu (@DataToViz) that will help you. It provides easy generation of good looking legends (using colors, sizes and symbols) for your charts.

#4 – God Help Me, I Hate d3.scale.category20

In this article Elijah Meeks (@Elijah_Meeks) talks about how from time to time you should spend some time thinking about color using in your visualization. He provides some good and simple advice on how to start on this topic.

#5 – Getting to know Crossfilter

Crossfilter is a javascript library that is useful for exploring large multivaritate datasets in the browser, and it is often used in conjunction with D3 for drawing charts. In this article, Peter Cook (@animateddata), explains the basic concepts behind it.

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