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Last week I had the honor of giving a talk at RubyConf BR in São Paulo, Brazil. Here are my notes on the talks I enjoyed the most.

I had the opportunity to give some talks in the past, but this one was my first talk in such a large event. I enjoyed it a great deal. I met a lot of awesome (and really smart) people who were really passionate about technology and specially about Ruby. They not only love working with and improving Ruby, but also exploring new technologies to improve their software development skills. That’s one of the reasons why I think the ruby community is one of the bests.

Talks where awesome. Excellent keynotes and great speakers in general. The videos of the talks are not online yet, but I hope they will be soon. There were multiple tracks, so here are my highlights from the talks I chose to attend:

Day 1

Trailblazer: One year after 1.0 release (by @celsovjf)

In his talk, Celso showed all the news about the Trailblazer world. He showed patterns from his 2 year-old app which is actually using Trailblazer in production! Also, he showed that Trailblazer is not just constrained to Ruby, talking about other languages that can benefit from using it.


Progressive web apps: the best of the Web, Appified (by @sergio_caelum)

In his talk, Sergio showed how to approach progressive web apps with awesome examples. He even uploaded the demo app to GitHub so you can test it on your phone!


Phoenix for Rubyists (by @michaellnorth)

Michael’s talk was a great introduction to Phoenix. He showed how easy is for Rails developers to get started into the Elixir/Phoenix world.


Ruby’s Concurrency Journey [Closing keynote] (by @jerrydantonio)

Jerry’s talk was very insightful. He talked about how much he loves ruby and also the present and future of the concurrency model in Ruby.


Day 2

Crystal for Rubyists (by @asterite and @bcardiff)

Ary and Brian are members of the Core Crystal team. They gave an awesome introduction to Crystal, a language that has a growing community and it seems to have a great future.


Kemal: building lightning fast web apps with simplicity (by @sdogruyol)

Following the previous talk, Serdar talked about Kemal, a Crystal web framework developed by him. He showed some really impressive benchmarks. He have also written a free book about it! ()


From monoliths to services: gradually paying your technical debt (by @dlitvakb)

In his talk, David told us about technical debt, why do we have it on our projects and how can we reduce it by improving our architecture.


Following the Trailblazer’s path [The Trail we blaze] (by @aragno157)

Some self-promotion here… ahem. This was my talk about Trailblazer. Although Celso and I shared the same topic, mine was focused on the service oriented architecture of Trailblazer and how it can help us refactor our code, pay our technical debt and accept, and even embrace, our monolithic architecture.


Why (still) ruby? [Closing Keynote] (by @a_matsuda)

Akira’s talk closed the conference. It was about some really great things that came up in the last Ruby kaigi, what are people using Ruby for (besides building Rails web apps) and what to expect from Ruby 3.


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