Getting started with Preact and Progressive Web Apps

Are you concerned about accessibility? Do you want your site to be blazingly fast and accessible, even from some random guy with a 2G connection on the North Pole? Are you afraid about being sued by Facebook? (JK probably not happening tho.) Then you might wanna take a look to Preact, a lightweight alternative to React — and why … Continued

What’s with Elixir programming language?

DevSnack #49: Learning a new programming language can be hard. Even if the syntax of the new language looks familiar, you need to figure out how that new programming language’s paradigm fits with your knowledge. Apart from that, you need to learn about the tools, libraries, modules and frameworks in the language ecosystem and how they work together. … Continued

New Flavors of Javascript

DevSnack #32: Have you ever tried to do time travel debug, hot reloading, one-way reactive data flow or template literals with your everyday javascript framework? It’s too hard. That’s why the JS community created Redux, React, ES6, Babel, Webpack and some other rad utilities. This week’s DevSnack compiles 5 links that will tell you a little bit about these … Continued