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DevSnack #32: Have you ever tried to do time travel debug, hot reloading, one-way reactive data flow or template literals with your everyday javascript framework? It’s too hard.
That’s why the JS community created Redux, React, ES6, Babel, Webpack and some other rad utilities.

This week’s DevSnack compiles 5 links that will tell you a little bit about these amazing tools.

# 1 – Why Babel Matters

@phpnode talks about why you should care about Babel, why it’s different from other compile-to-js systems and why it’s awesome.

# 2 – Make javascript again

Here you can check out some of the top features that ES6 adds to Javascript to make your dev life easier. Also, you can begin to argue about ES6 vs. ES5, mutability and transpilers on the interwebs.

# 3 – Devs reacts to react

@chibicode will help you to get started on React in a really quick and easy way.

# 4 – Gotta learn ’em all

In this tutorial David Chang will guide you trough the basics of Redux building a Pokedex.

# 5 – Out with the old in with the new

This Medium post by @jennschiffer talks about the process of learning and adapting to new web technologies.

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