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DevSnack #49: Learning a new programming language can be hard. Even if the syntax of the new language looks familiar, you need to figure out how that new programming language’s paradigm fits with your knowledge. Apart from that, you need to learn about the tools, libraries, modules and frameworks in the language ecosystem and how they work together. This week’s DevSnack has 5 different links to talks that I’ve found useful when I was starting to work with Elixir programming language for web development.

#1 – Introduction to Elixir for Rubyists (Josh Adams)

In the first half of this talk, Josh Adams guides us trough some Elixir basics like data types, data structures, modules, processes, matching, functions and how to call them. This part is really useful if we are a newcomer into the Elixir world. The second half shows a demo of Elixir on distributed robots by Robby Clement.

#2 –  Writing Command Line Applications (James Smith)

Now that we are all set with the Elixir syntax and how it works, we can listen to this talk were James Smith shows us how to create command line apps using Elixir. Here we are going to learn a lot about Mix, Mix projects and tasks and dependency management for an Elixir project.

#3 – Using OTP in production (Martin Schurrer)

One of the reasons to use Elixir is because it runs on the BEAM, the Erlang’s VM which allows Elixir to get all the good stuff from a language that has 30 years of work on top of it. OTP is the Open Telecom Platform that comes with Erlang. On this talk we will learn how to integrate OTP with Elixir using supervision trees.

#4 – Phoenix, a web framwork for the new web (Jose Valim)

This talk is about Phoenix as a web framework for Elixir. In the video, Jose Valim doesn’t talk about how to use it, he talks about why Phoenix is one of the best choices for our app and why it’s important for the new generation of the web.

#5 –  Rise of the Phoenix (Chris McCord)

In this video, Chris McCord gives us a tour around Phoenix features, the overall architecture, and how to use it to build awesome apps.

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