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DevSnack #12: As a software developer you need to constantly improve yourself. Learning more programming languages is only the tip of the iceberg. Communication, time management, and being a team player are also crucial aspects. In this DevSnack we’ll show you how to become a better developer.

#1 – How to be a great developer

Peter Nixey (@peternixey, CEO of Coca-Cola funded,, entrepreneur & YC alumn) establishes some interesting points to be a great developer. He affirms that “your value is in how you move your project forward and how you empower your team to do the same”.

#2 – Time Management Tips for Developers

Managing efficiently the time is crucial. The more efficient we are, the more goals we accomplish. Alexander Fedorenko (@avfedorenko) describes some really awesome practices about time management. Check it out!

#3 – The 4 More Important Skills for a Software Developer

Do you think that developers should be specialized in a particular technology? Well, John Sonmez has an argument against. He affirms that “if you can solve problems, learn things quickly, name things well and deal with people, you will have a much greater level of success in the long run that you will in specializing in any particular technology”. Do you have the same feeling, after John’s argument?

#4 – Developers and Communication

As developers we’re drawn to work that requires focus and isolation. Thus, communication isn’t typically one of our best skills. Sam Hernandez (@sam_h) analyzes how developers communicate and points out a few helpful points to improve our skills.

#5 –40 Blogs that Every Software Developer Should Be Reading

Last, but not least, developers should always be up to date. On this post you can find a list of 40 blogs that every software developer should read!

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