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DevSnack #20: We know that writing quality software is hard and complex. It’s not only a matter of satisfying requirements, but the system should also be robust, maintainable, testable, and flexible enough to adapt to growth and change. In this DevSnack you’ll find 5 links discussing different software architecture types, and hopefully you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate for your Android application.

#1 – Clean architecture

In this article, Robert Martin (@unclebobmartin) explains the clean architecture concept and summarizes some rules to achieve this. Go ahead and read it carefully, it’ll save you a lot of headaches.

#2 – Android architectures​

Thanos Karpouzis (@Droid_Coder) wrote this simple guide for MVC, MVP and MVVM on Android projects.

#3 – MVP for Android

One of the most popular architectures for Android applications is the MVP. In this post by Antonio Leiva (@lime_cl), you’ll find the most important features of this pattern.

#4 – Goodbye Presenter, hello ViewModel!

In this article Frode Nilsen (@nilzor) talks about how the Data Binding library changes everything. You’ll learn the advantages of using it, along with a code example.

#5 – Code examples

This repository showcases and compares different architectural patterns that can be used to build Android apps.

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