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DevSnack #29: in this week’s DevSnack we bring 5 interesting links on microservices architecture. Some dos and don’ts, tips and more that might help you decide if microservices is the right architecture for your app.

# 1 – Five considerations for delivering microservices

5 questions you should ask yourself in order to find out if microservices is good for your application by  Anna Gerber (@annagerber).

# 2 – Get Small To Get Big Through Microservices

Matt Miller (@mcmiller00) brings some tips about microservices extracted from the Sequoia’s Microservices Summit.

# 3 – Architecting Rails Apps as Microservices

In this post Leigh Halliday (@leighchalliday) gives a high level example for building microservices on top of rails.

# 4 – The Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices (Redux)

Daniel Bryant (@danielbryantuk) talks about 7 common anti-patterns when implementing microservices.

# 5 – Adopting Microservices at Netflix: Lessons for Team and Process Design

To close lets get some insights from applying microservices on Netlflix byTony Mauro.

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