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Carin Carlin

Carin Carlin is Moove It's Communications Specialist. A graduate of Texas State University with a degree in Media Communication and Public Relations, she joined Moove It's marketing team in early 2021. Carin specializes in social media content creation, copywriting, and more.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Maria Noel Burghi, Moove It’s CFO, has won the prestigious Women that Build award in Uruguay in the Inspiring Executive category!

Maria Noel Burghi, otherwise known as Mele, has been with Moove It since 2008 when we were just a small company of five people in Uruguay. Mele has watched and helped Moove It grow into the company it is today with over 200 employees in countries throughout Latin America and the United States.

It all started when Mele joined our team in an administrative position, and then with hard work and perseverance, she rose to the position of CFO, and in 2018, she joined the Board of Directors. On top of her many duties as CFO, Mele is also in charge of Moove It’s various social programs and our gender equity program.

Mele believes in social justice and helping others. One of the major topics she is dedicated to fighting for is equality for women in technology, because she believes women have a place in leadership and that their voices deserve to be heard. She believes that women are capable of doing great things and she hopes that from her experiences, she is able to inspire women to take on more leadership roles in the tech industry.

We are incredibly proud of Mele and her accomplishments, and we are excited to see what great things she has in store for the future.

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