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DevSnack #38: At Moove-it we love agile methodologies, Slack and open source code. So, like Captain Planet and the Planeteers, combining all three we present you: Must-have open source Slack integrations for agile teams!

 #1 – MorgenBot

“Can you hear me? Nope, I can’t”, “I can’t see you!”, “I think your microphone is not working”. These are some of the things you may hear when having a daily meeting with a remote team. Stop wasting time and use this cool integration that handles the daily meeting for you.

#2 – SlackSlime

United we stand divided we fall“. Who is not hyped about the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie? If Tony Stark has to choose which tool to use to communicate, I’m pretty sure about the answer: SlackSlime. This integration allows you to communicate to cross-teams or organizations easily. So my support goes to #TeamIronMan and SlackSlime!

#3 – GitSlack

Looking for a quick code review? There’s no need to tell your colleagues to do it, just add this integration and bend them to their knees with notifications.

#4 – Slack timezone converter

Distributed team around the world? Meeting issues and wasting time due to timezones? Now there is an easy way to remind everybody when they need to be ready.

#5 – TeamBot

Having a channel with a client sometimes can be tricky; you don’t want to bother them every time you need to notify your team. Use TeamBot to notify only those you want with the @team annotation!

Bonus: An agile team also relies on motivation. With the hi5bot give and receive high-fives whenever you need to celebrate!

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