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Gifts with meaning


At the end of each year, we enjoy giving thoughtful gifts to our clients and friends. This time around we wanted to give something both meaningful and material, something that represented us and conveyed our values.


We realized that books are the perfect way to do exactly that, so we asked our teammates to recommend books that have a special meaning to them, and to tell us why they recommended each one. After that, we sent each of our clients and friends a gift box filled with the books that we had all hand-picked, including the teammates’ name, a mini-biography, and the reason why that specific book had been chosen. 


They got something like this:


Great meaningful gifts

A box including the recommended books. Some of the recipients decided to create a library in their offices. Others shared books among themselves. One of our clients even told us they felt so inspired that they are planning on starting an office book club!


Here are a few of the book recommendations we sent out:

meaningful giftsgifts

moove-itTo make things more interesting we randomized the selection of the books we sent in each box so nobody would know beforehand who was going to receive which book. This added a little bit of mystery and fun!


Thanks to these gifts we not only got a big ‘thank you’ from all of our clients but also had an opportunity to start a conversation about tastes and interests, issues that unite us beyond the daily hustle and bustle of work. 


If you want to see the complete list of books we sent, click here to download it. And if you’re curious about the letters that were sent with the books, here.


On behalf of everyone in the Moove It team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


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