A renewed office, our new home.

Each and every one of our offices around the world is designed to inspire innovation. In the past few years, Moove It has experienced rapid growth. We have incorporated new talent all around the world, welcomed exciting new clients that challenge us day in and day out with state of the art technologies, and we … Continued

How SRE increases team efficiency

Some time ago we started to identify differences regarding the implementation of processes in projects among the internal teams. With this in mind, we assembled a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team with the aim to standardize the way we run our production systems, and to provide DevOps, SRE and Cloud Consulting Services to our clients. … Continued

Coronavirus: how to work from home and stay productive?

Companies around the globe have switched to mandatory remote work due to the emergency health crisis that is taking place in many countries. At Moove It, home office and working remote dynamics are part of our culture from the very beginning. However, in the last few days, we had to take them as preventive actions … Continued

6 tips to improve your communication skills in a meeting

Successful leaders know that communication is about more than just the words one uses. Below we have some tips to help you communicate in a meeting like a leader. 1) Go with the plan Whether you have a meeting or are about to take a business trip, you should always prepare ahead of time. Try … Continued

A software company that gives great gifts

Gifts with meaning   At the end of each year, we enjoy giving thoughtful gifts to our clients and friends. This time around we wanted to give something both meaningful and material, something that represented us and conveyed our values.   We realized that books are the perfect way to do exactly that, so we … Continued