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The healthcare system is not perfect: It can be unfair, slow, expensive – even incomprehensible. It is so vast and complex that it may seem as though there is nothing that can be done to improve it. Some might think: If hundreds of millions of dollars, different administrations, professionals and organizations have been unable to improve it, there is nothing that could be done. Not the karmadata team; instead it boosted their motivation to tackle this complex problem and find a resolve.

The latest development, now widely available

Since its founding in 2010, karmadata has been dedicated to compiling, organizing, and delivering information regarding the global healthcare technology system in a useful, secure, and quick way. Their platform processes and produces billions of pieces of data every day – literally.

Completing karmadata’s initial platform was not the finish line. With the help of our software development team here at Moove-it, karmadata built its latest integrated platform application: “This new application has the potential to change the way people interact and understand health-related information!” boasted Brendan Kelleher, Chief Data Scientist at karmadata.

What is it and what is it for

As a responsive web application, provides targeted geospatial search and insight into physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, payers, patient populations, economics, and other healthcare data. Examples of questions that could be answered using the app include:

  • How many medical specialists are in your area?
  • What is the density of pharmacies in a specific state?
  • What are the areas of the United States with the fewest hospitals? app on iPad

Users of can select various healthcare topics, drill into geographical regions, or simply search by place or address to receive hyper-local healthcare market insights.

The application serves multiple user groups, such as:

  • Healthcare analysts and data scientists who need quick facts and trends on targeted geographical markets.
  • Corporate users providing products and services to the healthcare markets that need access to the highest quality data on integrated delivery networks, hospitals, physicians, physician groups, pharmacies, payers, and other healthcare entities.
  • Government agencies, non-profits, and corporates that need a place to publish their data, either as open data or in private pages for internal use.

Free information for everyone

Currently, karmadata is using a freemium business model. All users have access to the organized, secure, and up-to-date information free-of-charge. Those who need more detailed insights can easily access the app via a paid subscription service.

As in this case, our focus is to keep working and partnering with companies that, through innovative technology, make a real, positive impact on people’s lives. We believe technology can make the future better. What do you think?


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